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Memory keeping or memory preservation is a valuable and meaningful undertaking for each of us.We all want to leave a legacy. We have been given an innate sense of wanting to leave our mark.   The value of memory preservation doesn’t always coincide with a dollar amount.

We all have photos,  some more than others, why not organize, preserve and make them a part of your life. At the time you or your family member took these photos, they were important. Taking time to organize and document these memories will allow them to hold value in the future.

The financial investment we make in our photos, cameras and technology should only add value to our memory preservation.  We now have the ability through smart phone technology to take great photos without the investment of a camera.  These memories  deserve the  additional investment of organization, backup and ultimately a printed photo.

The intrinsic value of memory preservation is seen in the effect it can have on our children. “Keeping photographs around the house is a form of validation for children,” says Dr Kenneth Condrell.”It lets them know they are loved . . . and empowers them to feel confident and self assured.” In this USA Today article he speaks on how even young children appreciate seeing themselves in photos.

value of memory preservation


There is also a direct correlation between children having a strong sense of family and being able to navigate life’s challenges easier. In this article,  Dr  Marshall Duke, a colorful psychologist from Emory University states “children who have the most self-confidence have what he and Dr. Fivush call a strong ‘inter generational self.’ They know they belong to something bigger than themselves.”   Something so simple as preserving our families’ stories and photos can have a lasting value to the younger generation.

Our older family members can also benefit from memory preservation. In this article from New York Times we are told “Where their grandparents may have left behind a few grainy photos, a death certificate or a record from Ellis Island, retirees today have the ability to leave a cradle-to-grave record of their lives.”

Preserving both printed and digital media is currently receiving national attention. The references I could provide our endless. Both the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution are researching the benefits and value of memory preservation. The Smithsonian has even created documents to  allow us to share the importance of memory preservation.


Do you find it interesting that such a simple thing can have such a profound impact?

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  1. LisaT says:

    I love this article! I can certainly appreciate the research you put in to backup the point. Good job… I’m reposting on Facebook. :-)

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