I have a confession to make.  I have been on an appliance binge the last few months.  I had the best of intentions but things just spiraled out of control.  I had help though . . my husband contributed one must have appliance!!!

(A quick disclosure here: I have purchased all these appliances.  The opinions are solely mine and I am not receiving compensation for my reviews.  This post may contain an affiliate link where I  receive a small percentage when linked  Items are purchased.)

It started last January. I was sitting at home innocently watching Nemo with the grandson.  He fell asleep on my lap and when it was over and an infomercial came on for this

shark vacuum, the Shark vacuum. You’ve seen the add, you know the one. . .  Mom is vacuuming the house in white pants and heels and having a blast doing it. On my behalf I needed a vacuum. We have dogs. We have kids. We have carpet.  YES, I ordered from the friendly online agent, she was oh so helpful–but I did not need the swirly bucket and mop for only $29.99. One year later, I will tell you, this vacuum is all its cracked up to be.  If you need one I recommend it.

My next purchase was a Cuisenart Hand Blender that I needed when canning spaghetti sauce.  Love it. I use it. all. the. time. It works great for a small batches of salsa, gravies and fluffy scrambled eggs.  Most recently I used it for “healthy” refried beans.

Recently things have gotten a little out of control. Ken and I were watching NEMO with our grandson and ANOTHER infomercial magically appeared.  This time for the Ultimate Power Super Cooker Pot Thing, LOL. Of course they were making complete gourmet meals and crab legs in minutes! The one on the infomercial was several hundred dollars.  I kept putting off ordering it but Ken was so excited and kept asking when it was coming.  I found this Instant Pot Power Pressure Cooker on Amazon.

Instant pot

I have used it several times a week.  We are trying to go eat clean, lots of veggies, beans and rice.  This pot cooks them all and does it  fast.  It is a combination pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer and rice cooker. I made this tasty bean soup in less than an hour start to finish. I have also made lots of rice and tasty refried beans.

We have been having smoothies for breakfast and lunch each day.  My blender was on its last leg; I have been patiently waiting for it to finally kick the bucket. We havent had good luck with blenders. I always blame it on the kids, but they never last long. I had  been researching the  Ninja Kitchen System. I also had a Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon and a few gifts cards. I finally decided on this model and got it for a steal at Best Buy.  I borrowed the 31 bag storage idea (for all those sharp little pieces and parts)  from my sister in law, Thanks Angie! It fit just right in that small little cabinet that nothing ever fit in before!

Ninja Kitchen System

I had some points because we had recently bought new kitchen appliances (when it rains it pours.)  Best Buy also price matched with Amazon.  I think I got the whole system for $73–woohoo.  And, I have to tell you this system is an animal–smoothies are smooth, salsa is just right and chopping veggies for soup is a breeze.

So there you have it, my appliance binge. I guess it’s better than another purse! My house is ready for just about any cooking emergency, game on!   I do have a Kohls coupon and my coffee bar needs a new Keurig. Or maybe I should call back and order that swirly bucket and mop?


Do you all love kitchen gadgets as much as I do?  

What is the best deal you ever found on a kitchen appliance?

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