This is the fourth in a series: Memory keeping 101.  See all of the posts in the series here.

Before we get into the details and how to of Memory Keeping,  I wanted to share with you my journey. I made my first “official” scrapbook in 1978 when I was starting high school.  I used  magnetic albums  and scrapbooked everything from school photos to wrappers and tickets.  Back then there weren’t many scrapbooking supplies so I used markers and stencils.

1979 Memory Album


I still have those scrapbooks.

The next big scrapbook I made was for Ken’s senior year of high school.  I made his senior football album.

This photo is one of the first football pics I ever took. If I remember correctly I took it on a Canon AE1.

Football 1981 Album

The next group of scrapbooks I have are slide in type albums.  For a while, I was able to keep up with my memory keeping up but once the kids outnumbered me 3 to 1 most of my pics stayed in envelopes.  I did journal on their calendars and in my daily planners but didn’t get much into albums. In the ensuing years I took an enormous amount of pictures.

My memory Keeping Journey


In 1993 I went to my first Creative Memories party and it reignited my desire for memory keeping. I did a few scattered albums and pages but nothing consistent.

Several kiddos later and a move to a new house, my photos were in boxes but not organized at all.  One summer our basement flooded and the unorganized boxes became chaos. This event galvanized me into getting the photos organized once and for all.  A friend was a Creative Memories Consultant and she got me hooked on the CM Power sorts to organize my photos.  She sold me twelve of them and then signed me up as a consultant, LOL.

Over the next 6 months,  I was able to gather all my photos and organize them into Powersorts.

sorting photos


I now have over fifteen of them.

At this time I also organized all of the kids school papers and memorabilia.  Over the next ten years ,I attended a lot of crops and held a lot of crops and classes at my house.  I still wasn’t caught up on my albums or the kids’ albums. Now, let me say something here,  I LIKE to scrapbook, not everyone does.  If you do not, don’t give up! This is just the road that brought me to this point. I have a lot of albums but at the rate I was going it would take forever to catch up.

In 2004 I purchased my first digital camera and the pictures started flooding into my hard drive This added a whole new realm of photos to my memory keeping to do list.

Have you ever created a scrapbook?

What were the first things you remembered putting in photo albums?

Or, are you completely digital (you must be under 25) and have no printed photos?



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