This is the seventh post in a series: Memory Keeping 101. Find the complete series here.

Your assignment this time will be to take your lists from the previous post and set your goals of what  you want to accomplish.

Set your goals

In order to efficiently set goals you need to know where you are heading.  According to Stephen Covey, we need to “begin with the end in mind.”

Think about where you want your  photos and jpegs to end up long-term. Your list may include the following:

  • Organize and back up all media
  • Scan heritage photos and memorabilia
  • Give each of your adult children a family album from their childhood
  • Prepare albums for your younger children for when they begin school
  • Prepare high school albums for your young teen(s)
  • Get ready for grad party in TEN WEEKS
  • Digital albums of vacation

This list can be very detailed  or it may be less overwhelming for you to keep it simple. I have been working on mine for quite a while so it is quite lengthy.

A few other  things to consider. . . Long term, where do you want your photos and albums  to “live?”  Will you be sending them with your kids when they leave the nest?  Will you keep them all with you?  Will you do both? Do you want to prepare them digitally to share them with family? Knowing this helps eliminate confusion and unnecessary steps.

My top twelve priorities are:

  1. Stay current—for me this includes printing photos monthly then  immediately sorting them and getting them in an albums (my family album and 1 for each child plus Carter.) It also includes sorting other items monthly.
  2. Use as many supplies as possible that I already own.
  3. Complete Ken’s 50th Album–I have the album and the photos, it just needs assembled and journaling added.
  4. Sort boxes from 2009-2013–these include photos and memorabilia.
  5. Complete Brooke’s K-8 and high school albums for Grad Party June 7
  6. Print posters—Justice Brooke and Baylie
  7. Frames for Hallway and Office
  8. Have kids journal in completed albums
  9. 2013– Organize, print and put in album
  10. 2012 Organize and Print  and put in album
  11. Baylie’s K-8 and high school albums
  12. Set in place a system for the kids to upload their photos to one place
  13. Find faster  System to scan older photos

You may want to start with five or ten priority items. Again, start small and be as general or as detailed as you feel comfortable.

make a list

In our next post we will gather basic supplies to help with organizing and sorting.  This is the first hands-on step in mastering memory keeping.

Please share your goals and any questions.

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  1. This thinking model creates a great opportunity to reflect on how you see the world, your goals and yourself.

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