This is the ninth post in the Memory Keeping 101 Series.  Find the rest of the series here.

The first item on my list of memory keeping goals is to stay up-to-date with my current photos. Over the past year, I have researched and tested products to find a system which meets my current needs.  I wanted a system that was quick, simple and had options for journaling and traditional scrapbooking.

I currently use an album system from Creative Memories.  I also tested the Project Life system from Becky Higgins.  I prefer the Creative Memories albums because they come with pre-made pages and you can add  pocket pages to use for traditional pages or certificates.

My goal is to print photos monthly. If I wait longer than that I tend to accumulate more than I can sort in a small chunk of time. I tend to work best when I can break things down in small chunks of time.

Once  current photos are printed,  I sort them as follows:

  1. Sort photos into months, then into events. I use the photo box dividers to do this.
  2. Separate photos into stacks for each child and myself, using sticky notes.
  3. I attach sticky notes to any photos that need reprints ordered.
  4. Place photos for friends and family in envelopes to be mailed.

categorize photos

sorting photos


This process took less that 45 minutes.

Once photos are sorted I place them in my family album.  My family album includes pre-made pages, six-pocket pages and large pocket pages.

ahni & Zoe


Using this system I was able to complete 4 months of photos in 3 hours.  This included four pages of simple traditional scrapbooking. I love the large pocket pages, I can store paper and journaling for pictures I have yet to print.

pocket page

In my next block of time I place the kids photos in their individual albums. I slide in decorative cards and any journaling I have saved.  This usually take between 45 minutes to one hour to complete seven albums with 20-25 photos each using mainly the six-pocket pages.Some of the decorative “cards” are 4 X 6 pieces of scrapbooking paper I have on hand. One of my other goals is to use as much on hand supplies as I can.

kids albums


I have Project Life album for Carter that I work on in another chuck of time. I have journaling cards on my desk that write and save for when the photos arrive.

carters album

I will go back and journal in the albums or have kids journal in them when they have time.

This system is  simple, very affordable and still allows me creativity to “scrapbook.”  I am in love with this new system.  I felt as though I was never going to stay current let alone be able to catch up on my older photos. The kids sports and school albums have a slightly different process but it also makes things much quicker and affordable.

 Let me know if this system excites you as much as it does me?




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