This is the sixth post  in a series: Memory Keeping 101. Find the rest of the series here.

In this post and the next you will be preparing yourself for memory preservation.  I am a list maker .  I feel more organized when I have a check list to work from.

photo checklist

I am also a very busy girl.  Systems work best for me if I can break things down and work on them in small blocks of time.  It is easier to carve out 15 minutes or an hour than it is to set aside whole days.

The best system is one that you will actually use.  Take time to manipulate things so that they work for you.  These are just suggestions.  I have seven kids and a grandson so a lot of my projects are kid, school or sports related.  You can take those same theories and apply them to vacations or heritage photos.  (please note that some heritage photos need special tlc—we will address that later.)

Grab a notepad and your favorite writing utensil, you’re ready for your first assignment!

make a list

Your first assignment is to walk around your house and make a list. Include everything from boxes and bags of photos to completed albums and memory cards. Also include a brief description of what supplies you may already have. For some of you, it just be a short hop to your tidy little room to make a list. Others may have to put on your tennis shoes; pull down boxes from the hall closet then  look in your desk and under the beds..  In my case, it depends on the time of year.  Fall is crazy busy for us, things tend to pile up until after the holidays and then I start organizing again.Right now,  I am catching up on my organizing right alongside of you.

My lists look something like this.

memory preservation list

My list actually includes:

  1. 10 COMPLETED (start to finish) albums
  2. 15 mostly complete albums that need journaling and a few photos
  3. 10 albums ready to be assembled
  4. 19 albums I know need completed—this includes all of the kids baby books
  5. 8 older photos albums from childhood and college
  6. 10 complete and printed digital albums
  7. storage boxes for each child, myself and Ken
  8. CM Powersort boxes (sorted and labeled 1985-2009)
  9. Printed photos 2009-2012 printed but not sorted
  10. SEVERAL boxes of memorabilia and photos 2009-2012 that need sorted
  11. 40,000 photos on an external hard drive
  12. Photos on ken’s computer and kids’ devices that need organized
  13. 2013-2014 albums for myself and kids that are current (This is using my new system)
  14. Heritage photos from my family and Ken’s Family
  15. I also found 8 disposable cameras that have never been developed. (Love this one, it will be a surprise!!)

In regard to supplies: 

  • I have already purchased around fifteen traditional albums I would like to use
  • I have a lifetime supply of paper
  • I enough have buttons, brads, flowers, ribbon stickers and for a small school to have art classes for a month

Take your time and check back when you are done. You will be ready for your next assignment; we will take this list and set our goals.

Comment and let me know what your list includes.  I would love to have you share photos along your journey.

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One Response to Memory Keeping 101: Make a List

  1. Missy Duke says:

    I have a ton of digital photos that need organized. Two old disposable cameras from when my 7yo. was a baby that I would like to have (finally) developed if still possible. 1 box of photos and baby memorabilia. Photo albums for 2 of 3 kids (unfinished and need to start a 3rd). Would like to make a scrapbook/baby book combo, 1-5 years book, 5-10 years, and so on, for each child. I’m a mess over here, looking forward to your future posts. P.S. I have sat on the computer for hours today trying to decide how to organize photos.

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