This is the eighth post in a series: Memory Keeping 101.You can view all posts in the series here.

 I recommend a few tools to get things rolling.  These will help you to organize photos as well as memorabilia. Again, these are just my recommendations.

The one thing I can’t live without are sticky notes. I just love sticky notes. All sizes. Lined. Unlined. You name it, I just love sticky notes.

I love sticky notes

If you don’t have any grab them the next time you are out.

A few items specific to photo organization are:

  1. ACID FREE photo storage boxes—see more info below
  2. Photo safe pencils in black and white
  3. Journaling supplies

 I love photo storage boxes. I use a few different kinds and sizes.  I have these three sizes from See Jane Work . The three sizes include a photo box, a letter box and an art box .

photo boxes

You can also find these at places like Joanns and Micheals or online.

 I have three of the larger ones; one for 2013, one for 2014 and one for older items I find as I am de-clutttering the house.  I use the 9  x 12 size for current things that come in for the kids.  I also use the smaller ones for miscellaneous photos and CD’s.  I try to sort these once a month or when I have 30 minutes available.

 For more long term use, I use these from APPO.  They are the sturdiest that I have found and are beautiful to have sitting in your bookcase or coffee table. They have several photos compartments and dividers as well as a large manila envelope for storing over sized items.

APPO Photos Storage Box

The photo safe pencils can usually be purchased from and scrapbooks supply or photography supply store.

For journaling at all stages of memory keeping I love the lined cards from Project Life because they are horizontal on one side and vertical on the other. They are available in two sizes and colors. You can also use index cards or any lined scrapbook paper.

Journaling Cards

If you are starting from square one with photo and memorabilia organization,  you may want to invest in the following:

  • Binder with page protectors–We will talk about this organizing tool in a later post
  • Accordian file or other container for kids papers
  • Storage container for each child—size depends on how much you want to save
  • Photo storage box for each year or family member

Grab all your supplies. Next,  designate an area where you can gather everything together and start organizing.

We will be attacking digital solutions in another post.

I would love for you to share any tools you may find helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or trouble finding anything.

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