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It’s been a busy few months here in Karmie Land. I had intended to send out belated Christmas Cards as Happy New Years’ Cards but neither ever made it to the top of the to do list.

In December, we had our first family vacation in several years  to Florida and Disney World. It was nice to have all the kids and our grandson together for a week.

It was an added blessing to take the little guy to see Mickey for the first time.

c and mickey

Since then we have settled back into a full blown winter in Ohio.

Daughter #1 is back in Tuscon and sending us lovely pictures of sunshine and her farmers’ market hauls.

Farmers Market

It really makes me look forward to summer.

We celebrated in January with the OHIO State Buckeyes winning the first ever College Football Playoff National Championship. (Side note:  they have six championships but this was the first ever playoff, thanks Lisa!)


It has been a bit quiet around the house, the driveway looks lonely with only my car and Ken’s. I haven’t been to the grocery as much and the milk lasts a little longer in the frig.

Daughter #3 and her fiance are making wedding plans for 2016.  We have a date and a venue and are planning to dress shop soon. How did we plan weddings before Pinterest?

Daughter #4, son in law and their little guy have moved to their new home recently.  They have been with us for a few years so this will be a huge adjustment for all involved.  Lucky for Papa, their new house is literally five minutes away.

He will really miss the little guy.

best buds

They are also expecting a baby girl in May!!!

Our son and Daughter #5 have headed back to their prospective colleges in Michigan and Southern Ohio. busy finding internships and working hard at a full load of classes.  Their football and volleyball teams are having spring workouts. We are looking forward to a spring football game and volleyball tournament in the upcoming months.

Daughter #6 is has almost completed her driving classes and will be our final one to get her license.  She is competing with her Junior Olympic Volleyball team and they are performing well. It wont be long until she is driving herself everywhere.

Although you cant tell by looking outside right now, spring will be here before we know it.


I’de love to hear how your families are keeping you busy.



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  1. LisaT says:

    OSU now has 6 National Championship titles for college football.


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