This is the fifth in a series: Memory Keeping 101.  Find the rest of the series here.

memory keeping 101 my journey

My journey as a scrapbooking consultant and photo organizer began around 1997. I was a consultant with a company called Scrapbook Buzz for a few years. I taught classes  and attended a lot of vendor events. I worked on scrapbooks outside of classes but wasn’t able to complete a lot of albums.

In 2004 I became a Creative Memories consultant. Over the next ten years I continued to teach classes. I organized crops and held them at my house.  Most of my personal scrapbooking was done in bits and pieces or at weekend events that I attended. I worked on current photos but wasn’t caught up on all the previous years of photos. I worked on the kids albums as they each prepared for graduation. I would get frustrated with photos of family events because I felt like had to make multiple layouts for each of the kids albums. The kids each have sports and school albums plus they had albums with family events. 

memory keeping 101 my journey 2

A little side note for those of you who are just starting your Memory Keeping adventure.  I LIKE to scrapbook, I like the process and creativity,  BUT not everyone does.  If you do not, don’t give up! This is just the road that brought me to this point.

 I did complete more of albums (some still need journaling.) At the rate I was completing albums it would take forever to catch up on past  photos let alone stay current. I would much rather make memories with my family than scrapbook alone for hours.

 In 2004 I purchased my first digital camera and the pictures started flooding into my hard drive.

memory keeping 101 digital

This added a whole new realm of photos to my memory keeping to do list. I made a few digital albums, mostly as gifts.  They are beautiful and much easier but I missed the hands on with physical photos. I also didn’t enjoy being on the computer in my leisure time. Digital albums did help with current photos but again I had years or previous photos.

I now have teenagers and adult children who take photos on their phones, tablets and IPODS. I want to make sure that all the photos they are taking are also preserved.  

I  have friends who take lots of photos but are not “scrapbookers.” I wanted to help them find a system that would work for them.  I hear many different reasons why people don’t”scrapbook” . . . they aren’t creative, they don’t have time, it’s too expensive or  they don’t have room .They do all take pictures!  I wanted to find a way to take away these excuses and show them how they could preserve their families’ memories in a manageable, affordable and attractive way.

Over the past three years I have researched, taken online classes and tested many products.  As a consultant and photo organizer, I have found a system that is affordable, manageable and still allows some creativity. It works for me. I am able to work in blocks of time to manage my photos and I am able to complete beautiful albums quickly.  I can complete my albums  at my dining room table with one small photo box and an album while my family is right there with me.

Most of the products I currently use are either from Creative Memories or Becky Higgins Project Life. I am so excited, I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

I hope the history of memory preservation and my story have motivated you to begin your journey.

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  1. Claudia says:

    I cannot wait to participate in this and get all my photos into albums. You are a genius!

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