“To February and Beyond . . .” spoken in my best Buzz Lightyear imitation.

Here we are beginning the eighth full  week of the New Year; fifty-three days in with 312 days left in 2015. Where does the time go?  I have to say by late February in years past I have fallen off the resolution wagon.  This year, I am pleased to say, while not pulling down any record-breaking weight loss or completely remodeling the house and schedule, I have made consistent progress. Change takes focus, dedication and consistent effort.

My mindset this year is different. I have always been  fanatical about scheduling, making lists and trying to be organized.  I start out each year with the best of intentions and then somewhere around tax time or the beginning of baseball season the wheels would fall off. Last summer I did the Mental Fitness Challenge from Life Leadership.  Along with  my growing relationship with Christ, this series made a profound impact on the way I view my purpose in life.


I have shared Orrin Woodward’s book Resolved with my kids, friends and family.  If you don’t read any other book this year,  put this  at the top of your list.

A little update on my resolutions . . .

Spiritual Growth–Each year I have started a new bible study, journal and daily devotions.  I love to read but  being in God’s word daily has sometimes been a struggle. I think I always bitten off a little more than I could chew. Then became frustrated when I got behind or couldn’t meet my goals.  I have been participating in the Good Morning Girls Blogging through the Bible–it’s simple and fits my schedule.  One chapter a day. Period.  There are other resources where you can join a Facebook group or other accountability groups which allow for more in-depth discussions when time allows. I am happy to say I have stayed current and have made new friends and prayer partners in the process.

Family Time–This is still a work in progress for me but streamlining my schedule and a written plan for housework is helping to free up time for what mater most. I am working on a family calendar and blog to keep the kids in touch with each other and aware of what it on everyone’s schedule.  I intentionally purchased gifts for my mom and sister that will allow us some time together–more on that after I share the surprise with them.

Time Management –I have religiously used a planner for over 25 years.  I previously carried a Franklin Planner  and this year have switched to a weekly planner.  It has taken me a month to fine tune it to fit all my needs but I feel good about how it is working.

Health and Fitness–I am doing the Arbonne challenge and have whittled down my coffee and soda intake. As a family we are focusing on eating more whole foods, little or no sugar and wheat. I have gone a little crazy on small appliances to help with smoothies and cooking beans & rice.  I have increased my activity just by shoveling snow this year–we have had a lot! This is the week to get back to the gym.

Home Organization and De-cluttering–I am most excited about this and can’t wait to share more details with you.  Most days my house is clean but cluttered.  However, my closets are full and I have boxes of stuff  from previous de-cluttering efforts.  My problem has been this, I would get one area clean and organized much to the demise of other areas in the house.  I could never keep up once I organized, it was a vicious cycle.  I finally broke down and took an online de-cluttering/organizing course from Christine at Spring Cleaning 365.  It was such an Epiphany–like the sun breaking through the clouds and angels singing the Hallelujah chorus.  So far I have organized my laundry room and office and I am working on the kitchen and master bedroom. The best part is . . .they have stayed cleaned and organized!


How are your resolutions going for this year?

What are you doing to stick with them this year?

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  1. Christine says:

    Oh I just saw this blog post!!! Thank you so much for sharing your excitement about Clear the Clutter. GREAT JOB!
    Christine recently posted…How to Spring Clean your Kitchen…with ONE cleaning productMy Profile

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