I don’t know how so many of you keep clutter free home.  It has always been a struggle for me.  I have to admit the house usually looks pretty decent but not what I picture in my mind–thanks Pinterest! Granted we have a big family and a busy schedule but that’s no excuse, right?

I have tried several  cleaning systems and routines.  I love the FlyLady website and for many years I used her system.  It was actually fun.  You get cute little email reminders of what you need to do (as if the mountain of laundry screaming your name isnt enough.) The site also has cleaning routines, daily routines and lots of other resources.

The past few years I have been following the Spring Cleaning 365 program.  It just fits better in my schedule and makes sense to me.  When Christine offered and online class, it really peaked my interest.  So . . .I took this online class, on organizing and de-cluttering.  It was one of those moments where the light magically came on for me.  Why I had to take a class for something so simple, I will never know? But hey, it worked.

The three main things I took away from the class were  . . . one home for everything, simplify your stuff and do ONE THING until it is done and stays done.  The program started with an excel sheet of EVERY area in your home.  You rated them by the most stress and length of time to complete.  Then, you just chisel away at the list.On a side note, I made a deal with myself.   If I stuck to the system I allowed myself a small budget to decorate a little–something I at which I do not excel.

I started with my laundry room and then my office.  You enter our house from the garage through our laundry room.    Therefore my laundry room was a huge stress point for me.  I cursed the day I wished for a first floor laundry. Just joking, its actually pretty handy.  Our laundry room is also in close proximity to our master.  That means all those load no one wants to fold and socks they don’t want to match end up ON MY BED.  No longer.

I started by doing away with the three large hampers in each of the bedrooms.  It allowed the laundry to pile up until it was overwhelming.  Now there is one smallish hamper or basket in each bedroom and a single sorter in the laundry room. The sorter from Neat Freak is fabulous! It has an ironing board top which allowed me to get rid of my large ironing board. You can find them at Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy.

laundry room 4


I had baskets on top of the washer and dryer and all they did was collect clutter.

Laundry Room 3

Then I finally  decorated with a new lamp, table runner, glass bottles and jars to replace detergent containers.

laundry room 5

It’s been a over a month and it has stayed clean and organized.  Eventually, I would like to place a shelf above the hanging bar.  This summer I hope to paint it a solid color, I am thinking a Tiffany Blue.


What room causes you the most stress?

Do you love to decorate?  Its definitely not my forte.





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