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I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania with my parents and two sisters. We always had friends and family around. I was fortunate enough to live right across the street from my paternal grandparents until I was sixteen. As a young teen I remember walking our little neighborhood with my mom’s Canon camera taking pictures of just about anything. I would be amiss not to mention wearing all those matching home-made outfits my mom had us model. My mom did a great job of taking pictures of everything. My love for photography and Memory Keeping was awake even at that young age.

During my late teen years into early adulthood my parents took in foster children. I think that instilled in me an appreciation for family and an ability to befriend just about anyone.

Fast forward to high school, I was always lugging a camera bag and dropping off film to be developed. Ken and I met our Junior Year of high school and it has been a crazy wonderful ride the past twenty something (really?) years.

In our first few years of marriage we were blessed with five awesome kids. We became foster parents in 2000. In 2002, God chose two more daughters to join our growing brood. We have enjoyed raising our large family and all that it entails. I think we may have set some type of record for attending sporting events, purchasing and keeping track of baseball/softball cleats and knee pads as well as consuming soggy hot dogs from concession stands, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The things I enjoy in life are as diverse as our kids’ interests and our crazy life. I’m fanatical about MAKING LISTS, scrapbooking and taking pictures of EVERYTHING. I like organizing—my schedules and calendars are precise but my house is a work in progress. I never pass up a good book or a Bon Jovi concert and my house is always open to friends and family. I like to think I am a good cook (when time allows) but I am really more a “collector” of recipes. I will admit I cannot bake a thing! While perfect mom and wife will never be on my resume, I have learned a lot through the years that I want to pass down to my girls. I am passionate about memory keeping and passing this on to my children and friends. My mission is to make sure that people can find their pictures, preserve and display them and still enjoy their family.

As a Christian, saved by grace, I have tried to live out my faith through my everyday life. If along the way I can help others do the same I will feel I have pleased God. I strive each day to be more like Him; I am still a work in progress.

In each season of my life I have been truly blessed with a group of friends that just “belonged” in that phase. In high school and early adulthood Lisa Tice (Enticing Photography)   and I took our cameras just about everywhere. In our early marriage, Ken  and I were involved in Direct Sales and to this day those are some of our closest friends. We were proud Ravenna Ravens, our Scorpion and Moondog families enriched our lives. I am fortunate to have been a school secretary in two districts. I currently have over 500 fourth and fifth graders and a staff that is just amazing. Today we are part of the Lake Blue Streak community as well as parents of a Hillsdale College Charger and OCU Trailblazer. Our immediate and extended Karmie’s Army is spread across the nation.

I want to keep all of these friends involved in our lives and keep in touch with them. I also want to share my passion for memory keeping with friends, family and you my virtual neighbor.

Through all of these things, Kitchen Table Legacy has been born. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea or coffee and join me for the adventure.

Love and Prayers, Denise

Tell it to your children and let your children tell it to their children and their children to the next generation. Joel 1:3

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Jennifer says:

    Looks great! So excited to read all your tips on leaving a legacy! :)

  2. lauri says:

    I can’t believe you did this!!!! i’m so impressed and proud of you!!!

  3. yvonne rose says:

    this is marvelous! congratulations

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